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4/17 -- Braves @ Marlins


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TV: Sun Sports | RADIO: WAXY 790, WQBA 1140 (Spanish)






Starting Lineup

1. Kelly Johnson-2B

2. Yunel Escobar-SS

3. Chipper Jones-3B

4. Mark Teixeira-1B

5. Brian McCann-C

6. Jeff Francoeur-RF

7. Mark Kotsay-CF

8. Matt Diaz-LF

9. John Smoltz-P







Starting Lineup

1. Hanley Ramirez-SS

2. Robert Andino-2B

3. Luis Gonzalez-RF

4. Josh Willingham-LF

5. Mike Jacobs-1B

6. Jorge Cantu-3B

7. Matt Treanor-C

8. Alfredo Amezaga-CF

9. Ricky Nolasco-P



@: Dolphin Stadium

Start Time: 7:10 PM ET



Projected Starting Pitchers



Smoltz (2-0)




Nolasco (1-0)





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you record is 6-1 keep doing Game Threads you been luck for us i put 4 put i notice 6 winnng Game Threads you might break Game Threads record if you keep winnng



well, I actually have 7 wins...and 2 losses.

But yeah...lets hope they keep it up.

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1) Johnson 2B

2) Escobar SS

3) Jones, C 3B

4) Teixeira 1B

5) McCann C

6) Francoeur RF

7) Kotsay CF

8) Diaz LF

9) Smoltz P


Your Florida Marlins!

1) Ramirez SS

2) Andino 2B

3) Gonzalez RF

4) Willingham LF

5) Jacobs 1B

6) Cantu 3B

7) Treanor C

8) Amezaga CF

9) Nolasco P


Treanor back in the lineup. No Uggla or Hermida.


Let's bring out the brooms!

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who do I go to if I want to change my screen name


Apr 12 LF Juan Pierre is very unpopular among Dodgers fans, who frequently refer to him on various blogs as Slappy McPopup. But the Dodgers have lost four games in a row primarily because of their sagging lineup, and if the job of the guys at the top is to set the table, no one can say Rafael Furcal and Pierre didn't do that Friday night. The problem was that once that table was set, the rest of the lineup couldn't take advantage.

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