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Speaking of stadium giveaways, does anyone have a replica trophy they want to sell?


While were on the subject of giveaways


I might have an extra alarm clock that they gave away a few years ago... Not sure if it was you or someone else that wanted it

Yep. I wanted it but ended up overpaying on Ebay for it.

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We can get any of this year's give aways after that homestand is over just by making a phone call. We even got a bunch of the kiddie's stuff so I can ship it off to the grandkids in Oklahoma. Soon as I said their dad just got back from his second tour in Iraq our sales rep couldn't get the stuff together quick enough.

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Oh darn just today at ballys in southland mall there was a marlins caravan, I won myself a cowbell and a ball and bat set for my little brother.


I won a crappy Jeremy Hermida sticker- hell i was standing there with my girlfriend and those bitch mermaids wouldn't even look me in the eye.


.2 cent skanks anyway. just a sign of disrespect is all. If someone approaches you and looks you in the eye when your wearing a cleavage enlarging top, you should respect them enough to look em in the eye and talk to em like a human being.


even my girlfriend walked away and noticed it. earned soem brownie points for not oogling them too ;)



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