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Apparently all the conspiracy theorists were wrong. He really is nursing a bad knee. Got a second opinion from the Cards head team doc Friday. According to the Marlins web site.

There's your problem.

The Marlins don't run the Marlins website.


That said, he met with the Cardinals' team physician yesterday according to Robert Falkoff of MLB.com, who also does not work for the Marlins or even cover the Marlins regularly.

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Even if he is injured for real i think that him knowing that he wasn't alright and not notifying the team about it while continuing to cause the team games is extremely selfish of him.


Exactly... plus I'm just happy to know I won't see the guy in a Marlins uniform next year!

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I heard that the injury was fake until Scotty Taser Olsen found out about the "injury"...he then set up a late night hit and run attack in the inner tunnels of Dolphin Stadium where he proceed to pummel Kevin's knee with a tire iron...so NOW the injury is real...


Thank you Scotty!



I knew it, Gregg is a b*tch, it is probably a minor injury that he is making into a season ending surgery because of his crappy pitching lately, again if he was getting saves i bet he plays through the injury because it was just minor.

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Does anyone else get the feeling the ones that are complaining the most, the loudest, and doing all the name calling are the same ones that were calling him Superman and most likely had him on their fantasy teams??


Contrary to what some are saying, he is not the reason we won't make the playoffs. There are so many other reasons that show we were never a real contender this year. Funny how some feel they need to point out one person and place most/all the blame on him.


Why anyone ever thought he was a true closer is beyond me. But I sure wouldn't mind having him here next year in middle relief for the right price. But I doubt that "right price" is going to happen. He will be traded to a team that can afford $4 mil or so for a middle relief guy.

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i hope gregg leaves next year and maybe we can get something hor him....guy has blown 9 games is it? with 2 OUTS how is it possible to load the bases and give up a salami? in the cub series as well...giving up the 3 run homer to ward.....he was the one that said we have to win more games....how can we when he was blowin them all?

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