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Anyone else think this?


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Does anybody else think that the ALCS this year between the Red Sox and Rays is going to be the 3rd best of this decade? (I can't just past 20 years or so, only became a baseball fan in early early '03.) Don't think you can top the 2003/2004 ALCS of the Sox/Yanks (cause of the excitement of the '03 one going back and forth, with the brawl in game 3 or 4, and the comeback in '04), but I think this would be ranked as the 3rd best ALCS of this decade.


My thoughts why:

Both teams have good pitching and defense, meaning the games should most likely be close.

Two different styles of offense which can lead to back and forth games. While the Red Sox have an offense that can pounce on you and score a lot of runs, the Rays will get you with speed and small ball, with the main core of power in the middle, which also leads to usually a decent amount of scoring.



Anyone else have any thoughts for or against this?

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