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2010-2019 All-Decade Team


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I saw this the other day on MLB Network-- they were predicting who the top players at each position would be for the 2010-2019 decade. I thought it would be cool to share our own predictions with eachother. And while nobody knows where we'll all be 10 years from now to look back on it, maybe some day someone will stumble upon this thread and laugh at how horribly bad our predictions were.


Here are mine:


C- Joe Mauer

1B- Albert Pujols

2B- Gordon Beckham

3B-Evan Longoria

SS-Hanley Ramirez

LF- Ryan Braun

CF- Justin Upton

RF- Mike Stanton :mischief


RHP: Tim Lincecum

LHP: Clayton Kershaw


Closer: Jonathan Broxton


I chose Pujols at first base even though he'll play his age 30 through age 39 seasons in this decade. He's just that good. And I wanted to choose Utley at second but he's going to be 31 this year and he's had a history of injuries, so I went with the up-and-coming Beckham.

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RF-J. Upton








Rivera? You sure about that? lol. He's gonna be almost 50 by the time the decade ends.



I was joking actually, lol. It's amazing what he's doing at his age, though. My real answer would be Broxton, at this point, too.

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I think it was crazy that on the MLB Network they had Prince Fielder hitting 350+ homers in the decade but only driving in 600-something runs ...


Did anyone else notice that? That would be him hitting 35 homers a year and only driving in 60.



Yeah I thought that was rather odd

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