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May 8 - Marlins vs. Nationals


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Josh Johnson (3-1) vs. Matt Chico (0-0)




C. Maybin, CF

G. Sanchez, 1B

H. Hanley, SS

J. Cantu, 3B

D. Uggla, 2B

R. Paulino, C

C. Ross, RF

B. Carroll, LF

J. Johnson, P



C. Guzman, SS

A. Kennedy, 2B

R. Zimmerman, 3B

A. Dunn, 1B

J. Willingham, LF

W. Harris, RF

R. Bernandina, CF

W. Nieves, C

M. Chico, P



"Push yourself, believe in yourself, I can't do no more is bull.

Scream, cry, vomit all you want, you're going to go out there and prove doubters wrong.

You can do it. Know who, what, and why you're doing this for. Believe."

-Bring it.

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Ugh, tough look in the top half of the 1st. But I seriously doubt that we won't get more scoring opportunities against Matt "I once through a pitch into the stands behind 1st base" Chico.


If anyone can find that video of Matt Chico acting out his nickname, that would be great!

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