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When can we expect a 4th OF/lefty?


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Or can we not expect one at all? I still think Kotsay would be a good fit. Kotsay is a good pinch hitter, can play the corner OF spots and can play 1B and happens to be a lefty.


I know this topic has been beaten to death but we are running short on topics during the winter. Anyone have any other ideas for a bench player?

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As much as I would like to add a veteran like Kotsay, the Fish will probably go with Cousins or Petersen, also both outfielders invited to ST are lefty swingers Kroeger and Lubanski.



I agree, especially since we've got Bonifacio who can play in the outfield. Let's hope that Cogs works out in CF and stays healthy (along with LoMo and Stanton), because we are really thin in the OF.

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i think dewyane wise will win the 4th outfielder spot because of his defense. he'll probably end up being a defensive replacement for coghlan in the later innnings of a game. also baker will be that lefty pinch hitter off the bench since he'll be able to hit even though he can't throw yet. i'm okay with the two of them being the lefty bats off the bench.

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