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3/14/11 Marlins @ Minnesota Twins

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Alex Sanabia only pitched one inning and Brad Hand came in for 2nd inning.


Matt D and John Buck with John Baker DH'ing appear to be only "regulars" in the line up.


Marlins 0; Minnesota 3




Any idea if Sanabia's short outting was arm related?


I was wondering what happened, but the broadcast is coming out of Minnesota so they haven't said anything while I've been listening.


Score Marlins 0; Minnesota 6. Clay Hensley pitching

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Sanches just gave up 2 in the 6th :anon




is there a pitcher on this team with a ST ERA under 5?


Well, the names over 5 are more recognizable/more interesting, lol : JJ, C Volstad, E Mujica, M Dunn, R Choate, D Downs, B Hand, S West, R Nolasco, A Sanabia, B Sanches, C Hensley :banghead



Shows how little Spring Training means.

Some of those guys are working on a pitch. For example, JJ is apparently working on his changeup.

Some are just returning from injuries.


The relievers shouldn't even be judged on their ST performance, imo. It's irrelevant. The majority of the relievers this year know that they're a lock to make the team, so they have less to prove. Plus, the sample size for relievers sucks the most. Mike Dunn, for example, was good his first two games, but his ERA has ballooned up because he's had two bad games.


Randy Choate's #'s are the most irrelevant numbers of any player out there. He's getting full innings in Spring Training to work on his pitches, etc. That won't be the case in the regular season. In the regular season, he'll only be facing left-handed hitters.


Once the regular season rolls around, all the guys are being put in better positions/roles to succeed in order to win games. This is simply practice; the only time of year when it's rather irrelevant to make the occasional mistake.

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