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Our Posters and the Things They Hate


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... - David Samson, Edwin Rodriguez, Unions


BroncoBob - people who use "stats"


Erick - people who don't use "stats"


Bobbob - Train; most other people; the Jets


Rab - people who make fun of the Astros old uniforms


RaysFan - Gays, Jews, Democrats


Mystikol - New posters.


ElPenguino - Intervenionist foreign policy; Entitlement Programs; Government Spending; Jorge Julio


Feel free to add. We don't normally have these kinds of threads, and I thought it might be fun.

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Dim - Hermida lovers, and people who don't like Robert Andino


50% of the board - the other 50% of the board who weren't ready to call Bonifacio the next Luis Castillo after his first week here.


Erick - Wes Helms


Everybody (present) - Bonifacio starting everyday


Also "..." doesn't like Leo Nunez, I believe. He calls him "numbnuts."


MarlinsLou - the way the Marlins have been inefficent in keeping Leo Nunez and his salary, while not solving their 3B/CF issue and having a poor bench (and many agree with him, myself included).

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Mike - an ex girlfriend who didn't appreciate anything he did for her...



Debbie Downer gif.........ha

I'll try to add to the OP occasionally.

Well this relationship just ended, but seriously ... I would drive close to 500 miles round trip to see her and she was unappreciative and what-not. So, whatever, good riddance to her and I feel sorry for the next bastard that gets her.

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