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We have a 4 game lead for the Wildcard

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It seems a bit early to be talking about the wildcard spot. But looking at the way the other divisions are developing, things are shaping up nicely.


I fully expect the Phillies to win this division, but I would still be happy for us to get the wildcard and put us back into the post-season. I guess there's a long way to go, but if we keep trying to win each series then we will find ourselves in a great position in a few months time. JJ tomorrow to get another series win on the board.


I'm really impressed with the way the whole team are pulling together and not just relying on the same individuals each night. It's a great sign.


Go FIsh!

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If the Marlins are still in this by the All-Star break (and I think they will be), I hope they make a move for a solid third baseman - and I'm not talking about DeRosa. With the Dodgers struggles in more ways than one, I think they'll be sellers by then. Hopefully at that time they make a play for Casey Blake.


Blake would be both a defensive and offensive upgrade over any options the Marlins currently have at third base. Plus he is in his contract year and I doubt the Dodgers have any plans on extending his contract considering his age.


Make it happen Beinfest.

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