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7/27/11 Florida @ Washington

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Mike Stanton is on Intentional Talk on MLB Network. 5pm EST.



What did he say? Don't have MLB Network :(

Gave a good interview with Kevin Millar and Chris Rose. He came out in a short sleeve shirt and they teased him about his muscles. The Nationals players came out shortly after and one of the players came up to Stanton and squeezed his muscle.


He played the interview well had a good personality, Chris Rose said they had a thing where you had to pick a player to follow on each team and people picked Stanton surprisingly over LoMo.


They then showed LoMo singing "I'm too sexy" and had Stanton sing some song by Rihanna it was terrible but Rose and Millar like it and actually liked Stanton a lot was a good watch.

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I can just remember since 2009 we were all talking sh*t about Boni, myself included. He is being pretty dominant right now for us in one way or another.


I've always liked him but I will admit even earlier this year I passed up a chance to get his autograph (He was signing @ Nationals park) and I was like eh... it's just Boni hes not that good.


He has better patience and a better eye!



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