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'How Was Your Day' Thread

Dr Beinfest

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Calling on ancient threads long since dead on former boards, tell us.


How was your day today? Happy about that Marlins win? Glad to see the Dolphins with another losing season? Upset that you just got dumped?


This thread is perfectly designed so that people on the intrawebz can know more about you than they should.


Happy posting!

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My day has been awful and I hate this thread for reminding me. I've been studying for finals, haven't had time to do groceries and I'm going on my third pot of coffee. I'll post again in a week when I'm done with finals and I'm back in Miami and my day will have been great.


#ICanRelate #DietSoda>Coffee

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I got straight A's for the semester just announced today so f*** you Mike.


I knew you posted this f***ing thread just so you could say this. f***ing narcissist.


Actually back in the day on the Panthers Message Boards I started this thread and it was a go-to thread for any random blabber talk, good or bad. I was merely reminiscing. Otherwise, just a good thought at a good time to be a narcissist.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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