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Evan Longoria out with partial tear of hamstring

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The Rays are fine. They've dealt with Longoria injuries before. They still have the best record in baseball. Everyone pitches in on this team. They have so many versatile players who can play multiple positions. Longoria wasn't even having a great defensive year at third base, anyway. Offensively it appears to hurt them, but there's usually always someone stepping up in clutch situations for Tampa Bay.


What irks me is the attendance at the Trop during this week's series against the Mariners. 9k for two games and 11k for the other. It was something like a total of 29K for the whole SERIES. It's pathetic. This is, record-wise, the best team in baseball, and a fun team to watch with chemistry. They deserve better, with or without Longoria.

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usually always


Go have your coffee, or at least be patient with the Chardonnay ;)


HAHA I definitely just rolled out of bed after staying up all night watching the f-ing game in San Diego :)

I was actually OUT of coffee, so I had to drive through Starbucks down the street a little while ago.

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I think the Rays do have one legitimate excuse for attendance. They have by far the lowest number of people living within a 30-40 minutes drive of the ballpark.



It doesn't 100% account for the bad attendance, but it has a lot to do with it.

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What the Rays deserve is a new stadium.

Has anyone ever been to Tropicana Field? It's a dump.



They do need a new stadium, but the Trop is not a dump. I live 45 minutes to an hour from there. I've gone for fun and as a media member. I find the place endearing. It's a good environment for the most part. The only thing I don't like is the f-ing cowbells when I'm working.

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I will always be a Marlins fan and I hope the Rays never beat us ever again in a regular season game, but...


If the Marlins fail to reach their ultimate goal this year and the Rays are still alive, I might just root for them. What they are able to do is incredible. I wonder if every owner and GM in baseball kinda hates Andrew Friedman.

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I wonder if every owner and GM in baseball kinda hates Andrew Friedman.



Maybe, but I do wonder how many of their key pieces were drafted before he took control.


I believe he took over in 2006.


So not BJ Upton, but pretty much everyone else. Damn good job by Friedman, for sure.


Of course, he also had the third, first and first picks in the draft in his first three years on the job and got a superstar pitcher and position player out of them, which definitely helps. Like, if Strasburg and Harper pan out like expected, how much do we praise the Nats for putting together the inevitable contender that emerges around them, you know?


But still, damn good job. That is all nit-picking.

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