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Would you go after Vlad Guerrero?


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Wow. What happened to Vlad?




According to FOX Sports' Jon Paul Morosi, Vladimir Guerrero is not close to signing with any club.

Guerrero was probably better off practicing patience in the Blue Jays' minor league system, where he was at least drawing regular playing time. But he asked for and was granted his release after just eight games, and is now struggling to attract fresh offers. The 37-year-old was 10-for-33 (.303) at Triple-A Las Vegas.

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He's absolutely useless now.


He can't play the field and teams seem to no longer care much for the traditional DH anymore as it limits flexibility on the roster. Especially DH's who don't hit the ball that well anymore which is the case with Vlad.

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You all should be ashamed. Dissing a HOF...


Wait, Vlad is gonna be in the HOF..or is he outside looking in?


Hes led the league in intentional walks 5 times and is the active career leader.


Last season was his first season in which hes hit below .300 with over 100 games played, and a .290 BA isn't bad.


But most importantly, he really means a lot to the Expos and would be a great representative for them. He's their franchise leader in BA, SLG, HR and single season leader in BA, SLG, H, total bases, RBI's, times on base, etc.


Also a 9 time All-Star.


I'd say he's gonna be a HOF'er.

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