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As spring semesters begin, just a quick reminder to order your books through the Amazon.com link in the Outfield section here. When you do so, the site receives a percentage of your purchase, which really helps Admin and the others out a lot!


I should also note that this applies to ALL Amazon purchases, not just textbooks.


Here's the thread: http://forums.marlinsbaseball.com/topic/97467-amazon/


Here's the link: http://amazon.marlinsbaseball.com

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Turns out 2 of them price between 150-200, used. The other is 125-150.

Holy crap. You guys now in school have my sympathy.


'69 and early '70s, U of Minnesota, I never spent more than 100/yr (net) for books, 95% used, average maybe 6 each, I only recall one that hit 30 new. Sell 'em all back for half.


Roughly 600% general inflation since then implies that books would now average about 35-40 each used.


This chart runs from '78: http://collegeinsurrection.com/2012/12/scary-chart-of-the-day-college-textbook-inflation/


General inflation was almost 100% '69-'78, so everything in the chart almost doubles for the entire period '69-'12 (or more than doubles in the case of college texts, they were out-of-control even back in the olden days of the '70s.)


It looks like college text inflation has been around 1,600%, give or take 100%. Ridiculous. Not quite as ridiculous as tuition increases over the same time period, but close. For instance, U of M resident tuition was 399 in '69, it's now 12,060 up 2,923% and the U of M is not an exception to the general rule.

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Yeah I spent somewhere around $650 last semester. Could've been more like $800 but I opted to not get a book and wing it (I got a B) because the HW was not assigned out of the book.


These are used prices, not new prices. The only new books I buy are the ones that are within $20 from the new price (because they'll hold their value better at resale and sell quicker if you can claim them to be Used - Like New).

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