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Four more cuts


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Does anyone know how many players we still have in camp? I haven't kept count this year.


I think they've narrowed it down to 158

Does that include Pokey Reese? Has anyone found him yet?



Who would Dan Uggla be if Pokey Reese never disappeared?


He would still be Dan Uggla... but his name wouldn't be.... DAN UGGLA!!!



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Yelich is not going to make the team.


Also, it seems like Kotchman is going to be the 1B until Morrison returns.


Yelich not starting the last 2 games makes me think his slim chance is starting to get slimmer. If he had a legit chance, he'd be starting almost every game.

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If anyone's still keeping track, I jotted this down this morning...


42 players still in camp... we can assume that all three of Morrison, Mathis, and Silverio start the season on the DL, thus we'll head to Opening Day with 28 players total... So 14 more cuts need to be made...


If we say Kotchman and Skipworth replace LoMo and Mathis, I count 2 rotation spots, 3 'pen spots, and 3 bench spots still available...


If we exclude the guys that we *know* won't make the team, the last 8 openings come down to these 16...


Rotation/Bullpen: Turner, LeBlanc, Slowey, Maine, Ramos, Jennings, Koehler, Ceda, Qualls (5 of these will make it)


Bench: Gorkys, Coghlan, Kearns, Mahoney, Green, Downs, Kouzmanoff (3 of these)


So keep an eye on those names for the next week and a half.


The end.

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