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Bo Porter manager'ing


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We were damn close.


Nah. Interviewing him probably caused whoever was involved in it to wonder why they were wasting their time, but he was never anything other than a sop to the MLB rules about "affirmative action" when hiring managers, etc.

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The announcers in that video are retarded.


"Hey, man. You're going to drag bunt to boost your self esteem? You're beating on us pretty hard."


Are you serious? I'm pretty sure that bunt had nothing to do with self-esteem.

And plus, how could you boost your self esteem by doing anything against the Disastros? That's like Shaq dunking on Peter Dinklage.

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So Bo Porter actually made a pretty ballsy move yesterday. Brought in a LHP to face the left-handed batter. Then moved the LHP out to LF to bring in the RHP, who walked the right-handed batter. Then took that pitcher out of the game and brought the LHP back on the mound to face another lefty, whom he swiftly struck out to end the inning.


I love seeing interesting moves like this. Bud Black had put Andrew Cashner out in LF earlier this season in order to keep his bench in tact in a late inning game. Very cool.

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