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Astros trade talks with Marlins?

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Oh, rubbish. The city and county AND Loria took no skin off of their own asses at all -- TOURISTS are paying for the 2/3rds of the stadium. Loria's approximately 1/3rd contribution is 40 years worth of rent, which he was going to pay somewhere, regardless. The only city/county local-taxpayer money involved is the 50 mill that was already obligated for Orange Bowl renovations long before the stadium as it exists was a gleam in anyones eye.


There's no way to know absolutely if Loria's threats to move were real, but it's a pretty good bet that he would have -- he was damned sick and tired of the football stadium and the ridiculously crummy lease he had. Anything, anywhere would have been better than that, so why would he stay absent a new stadium?


The best outcome would have been a stadium where Loria paid 100% of the cost. Sports owners should pay for their own stuff. We got the second-best outcome -- stick the tourists. Third-best would be stick the locals, but no local pols were going to do that. Any other outcome would have involved the Marlins being in some other city.

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Huizenga broke up the a team once. Loria's done it a handful of times.


Call me crazy but I'd say that shows Loria cares more than Wayne. Huizenga sold everyone off and then bailed. Loria actually sticks around cuz he, in his own twisted way, is still trying to win another championship.

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If put Lora over Henry, and as influential as Huizenga puttin a team here was, making sure they stayed here in my opinion is just as important. Maybe even more. If it failed the first time I don't think we'd get another chance.


What Wayne did killed attendance for the franchise going on 16 years. Even in 2003 when we were on out way to the World Series our attendance sucked because "they are just going to break up the team anyway" and when we couldn't resign Pudge because of that ridiculous lease Wayne signed with himself - "look, they are doing it again!"


Even after we went out and got a perrenial AL MVP contender in Delgado it was "he's gone next year anyway, so what" and fans still didn't care.


Huizenga may have done a lot for the Marlins, but his lasting legacy is what he did in 1998 and the teams paid for it ever since. 2006 was a necessity. 1998 was anger over not turning enough of a profit.


While 1998 brought my favorite player here, and really made me a fan of baseball- the effects of that season on the reputation of the franchise can't be ignored.


Shoot- even some reporters lump that in with Lorias legacy, and he was busy running the Expos into DC.


All of this. Wayne is the reason we're where we are. Loria, for all he's done wrong, is the guy who walks into the bathroom after the first guy took a massive dump. The stench still remains and Loria is being blamed for it.

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It took a lot more than just the 98 fire sale for 03 to happen but I can see where ur headed with that point and its fine. I just really wish he'd done more to try and maintain that 97 team. Buying all that and then selling it before the confetti had been cleaned off the streets of Miami hurt big time. At least Loria sells when things are bad. Wayne absolutely didn't care to win another championship. As bad as Loria is I see him more intent on winning than Blockbuster Wayne.


Big impact players from '03 were acquired one way or another due to '98. Derrek Lee from SD, Mike Lowell from NYY, Brad Penny from AZ, AJ Burnett from NYM, Preston Wilson from NYM got us Juan Pierre from CO, second overall pick got us Josh Beckett, first overall pick got us Adrian Gonzalez which got us Ugeth Urbina from TX.

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I'm not sticking my head in the sand, I put up the actual quote sir.


If anyone is sticking their head in the sand, it's you because you have an agenda and are ignoring what was actually said.


I'm not saying Stanton won't be traded, in fact I would say odds are better that he is eventually but the simple FACT is that from the leaked documents -- the Marlins were saying they weren't shopping him aka the exact opposite of what you were saying.


Oh I never said they are shopping him NOW, but they will. No way Loria is EVER paying a player $20+ million a year, even if it was the 2nd coming of Babe Ruth. The Pujols thing was all a ruse, as you know he was going to dump him as soon as he could.


And I'll stop my agenda, when Loria stops his and becomes an owner who acts like he wants to win.

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Eh, curveball spouts the same crap over and over -- Loria is evil, the end. What else is new?


The Marlins will listen to anyone, as will any MLB team. Listening to what are (99% of the time) insufficient offers means nothing.


But, merely listening to an offer, according to curveball, means that because 1) we traded Cabrera when there was no possible way to keep him in the old football stadium, that therefore 2) we will trade Stanton when we are in a new stadium and have new revenues, not to mention 24-25 mill/yr of new national TV revenue, enough by itself to sign Stanton FOREVER if Loria wants to blow it all on one guy.


That's our curveball! Master of illogical Loria-hatred.


We may or may not trade Stanton. If we do, it won't be because we couldn't afford him. If we make him an offer, you won't hear a peep about it until negotiations are complete -- signed or not. Just as you didn't hear a word about extending Hanley or JJ or Nolasco until the deals were done. Or, for that matter, the signing of Delgado in '05. Teams and players don't like to negotiate in public.


Of course, none of that will stop the gratuitous Loria-bashing by curvy. It's what he does.


Blah, blah, blah, blah........it's really sad you know. Always defending the indefensible.


Bottom line is, Loria owns the team with the longest absence from post-season baseball in the National League. It doesn't look like that is changing anytime soon. He destroyed a fanbase in Montreal, and further alienated the fragile South Florida fanbase and then complains about attendance. He promises competitive payrolls, then reverts to penny-pinching lowest payrolls in baseball - low payroll the last 2 years & worst record in the NL for 3 years running and no wonder most of South Florida doesn't give two shits about the Marlins. If the owner doesn't care, why should they ?


How do you shut me and other critics up ? Spend some money, and get your team into the playoffs. Until then, I don't think I'm unjustified in being critical of him, or his ownership record.

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