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Ray Rice released, suspended indefinitely by NFL


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Keep in mind that the Ravens cut Rice not when they saw the video, but when you saw the video.


"He hit a Molly!"


"WHAT?! Two game suspension for him!"

"Molly is a drug, sir."


"Oh. Four games, then."


Kinda sad that, before the recent change to 6 games for first offense for domestic abuse [still ain't near enough to be nearly enough], a drug violation was worse than hitting a woman.


I mean, what's worse? Getting the munchies or throwing the punchies?


Sorry, that was terrible.



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Not to be a dick, but....


We all knew what happened inside the elevator, and it wasn't pretty. While I find it reprehensible he was only given a two game suspension, did the NFL really need to see this in order to suspend him further?


And will the NFL extend the suspension even more than the 6 games just announced just because the video was released.


Whether Goddell saw this or not is irrelevant. He's shown he has no idea how to handle a situation like this, or like Irsays.


Irsay gets 6 games


Rice is gone for 2, then indefinitely, then it'll probably be 6.


Realistically, Rice losing his contract hurts him- however it hurts his family too. Her standard of living is unfairly tied to his contract and playing career.


I'm disgusted all around. Can't say it enough. But to suspend him indefinatly after all that was already known is just throwing more shit on the fire.


What I'm the most disgusted about?


Jannay Rice now has this all over the internet. She will forvever be known as a victim of domestic abuse and I feel the video does nothing more than shame her even more than the initial attack did. TMZ shouldn't have made the video public, but should have shown it to the NFL and the Ravens if they were interested in justice.


To be clear, hes a dick- she didnt deserve it, she doesnt deserve to have her standard of living tied to him, and she didn't deserve to be publicly humilated by the video being released.


Rice should be suspended further, he shouldn't have had his contract terminated, and Goddell should be forced to step down due to his uneven suspension and practices.



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