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9/26 post game


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The second place triple tie is hilariously strange. What a weird division. If we snuck out of this season in second place you'd have to surgically remove the smile from my face.


Also, not sure where to post this but here goes... Two days ago I wore a Marlins shirt to work and it started a conversation with a coworker asking me if I went to any games this year. I told him definitely especially with the overall improvements this year. He said no way not him, after last year's 100 losses he wasn't going to a single game this year and he gave me an actual thumbs down complete with a tongue out raspberry fart sound.


What is wrong with people? I know last year was bad but the ignorance of people astounds me. The fun and excitement of this year's team has been missing for years and years here and fools like this are missing out because of ridiculous mindsets. If people like this paid even the slightest bit of actual attention to the current state of the team, we'd have a stronger fan base.


My smart ass answer to a lot of people this year has been "if you actually watched the games, you'd be surprised, try it"


Maybe I'm rambling now but yesterday I had a coworker ask me when the Yankees first playoff game is. When I told him there wasn't one he was absolutely shocked.

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