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Question about next years lineup


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Im having a hard time figuring who bats 3rd


so far I've got for our opening day lineup..


1. Juan Pierre

2. Luis Castillo

3- ?????? - Cabrera, Vlad...???

4. Mike Lowell

5. Jeff Conine

6. Ramon Castro

7. Hee Seop Choi

8. Alex Gonzalez

9. Josh Beckett


Can anyone help me out? I feel I'm missing something rather obvious.. :unsure :


any suggestions?


I've thought of switching around A-Gon and Choi- but I'm not sure of it just yet.

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I don't know where Conine should it. He runs the count and gets on base a lot so higher in the order makes sense. But he's a great bad ball hitter and might do better behind our sluggers. And he's a feared enough hitter to give the batter in front of him fastballs, so maybe behind Cabrera or Choi.



Maybe something like this:




Conine/Choi - give Choi every chance to succeed. Our three lefties all clumped together may be a problem, but Pierre and Castillo hit lefties better.

Miggy/Lowell - even with Lowell behind him he's not going to see many fastballs. That's fine. He can't pitches in the dirt and at his eyes into the seats. I'm sure he has speed, but I'm worried about his baserunning. That's why he's in cleanup.



Benito - Bye bye Redmond and your $1.2M contract!


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And Now to announce your 2004 Defending World Series Champion Florida Marlins!


#9 CF- Juan "Juanpy" Pierre

#1 2B- Luis "Luiy" Castillo

#27 RF- Vladimir "Vlad the Impaler" Guerrero

#20 LF- Miguel "Superman" Cabrera

#19 3B- Mike "The Hulk" Lowell

#18 1B- Jeff "Mr. Marlin" Conine (against lefties only, if not the Choisen One in same slot)

#17 C Ramon "Yet Un-nicknamed" Castro

#11 SS Alex "Seabass" Gonzalez

And you pitcher, #21, The Defending World Series MVP, The Original Phenomenon, Josh Beckett!

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and gets on base a lot

.338 OBP is hardly "getting on base alot." 22 walks in 144 Marlin at bats. Averaging out to 85 over a full season.

.386 OBP in his last full season. Also hes's been among the league leaders in pitches per plate appearance throughout his career, including last year. What hurt his OBP last year was a bad batting average.

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