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The broadcasting plan


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Not sure if this was mentioned by anyone here yet, if so report this post so I am rightfully banned for spamming.


Preston will work the opening series vs Detroit


Perez will do DC


Leiter will do the Mets


Each man will work an entire series each time but it won't be a rotation. Perez will do the most games (70-80), Preston second-most with about 30-40. Leiter will do 20-30 and Conine will pick up the slack (probably only home games).  You can expect to see Perez for several series in a row at points.



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I love continuity when it comes to my announcers while watching baseball games. It's good to have a consistent voice to vouch for the team and a side partner who can provide insight into what its like being on the field.


For this reason I find the constantly rotating color commentary team to be obnoxious. Even if I end up liking a guy like Leiter in the booth alongside Rich, I won't have enough time to adjust to it before Preston comes and rambles along or Pavano comes and bores me to death.



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Funny because I was just thinking about this and was coming to complain about it.


I think the plan is fucking pathetic. Rotating commentators every fucking series and neither of them compare to Hutton. I've never seen such a stupid fucking plan. 


But don't worry, Leiter and Perez will read the box scores and watch the mlb.tv condensed replays to follow whats going on.


Nice way to build continuity. Hopefully this stupid fucking excuse for a broadcasting team doesn't last past this season. 



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I feel after this year perez may be the one to get the job. As long as he doesn't have any conflict with ESPN. Perez did an amazing job during the Cuba- TB game last week. 


Contracts are the problem with both him and Leiter. The one who is a FA will get the gig I suspect



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