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2016 Miami Heat playoff thread


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Heat grabbed the SouthEast division and a 3rd seed. Playing Charlotte round 1.




heat and hornets split the season 2-2. But most concerning was that last matchup, the Heat blew a 20 pt lead. and the last game of the season at Boston they blew a 26 pt lead.


I honestly can't seeing them make it out of the first round, they are so inconsistent, but hopefully the veteran presence carries this team.



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97-74 end of the 3rd.


and yes i (totally unbiased) agree Hassan is the best Center in the game. But he does struggle against veteran bigs, probably just inexperienced, but he will overcome that. He dominated Al in the 3rd.


we should have plenty of cap to sign him. From what I've heard on radio, Bosh may very well retire at the end of the season. Even more money out there.



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