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So far so good with the PSVue. I got the access package (75+ channels) for 44.95, since I am able to get the local channels due to my proximity to NYC (if you are outside of the direct market areas cbs, nbc, abc are all on demand and the prices are lower, but there's a solution for that)


Streaming quality is great, Sony recommends 10 mbps and 5 additional for each additional stream, I have 50 and am able to use PS4, Amazon firetv and browse on the computer/iPad with no issues.


the interface takes some getting used too, but fairly easy for someone who has some competency into the new age tech world. All channels are listed alphabetically and also has a TV guide so you can see what's on and coming on, like regular cable does.


The DVR function is great, can rewind, fast forward, pause for up to 30 mins live tv. Also can record shows and they stay in for 28 days. I believe the DVR space is about 3 full days worth. 


Saving about $60 a month going this route


If you are outside the direct market areas (big markets like NYC, MIA, SF, LA) AmazonBasics has an ultra thin antenna that picks up local channels in HD quality depending on how far a tower is from you, but Amazon offers a 25, 35, and 50 mile range, and all under $30.


Any other questions feel free to ask



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sports with PSVue is alright. you can see what you area offers. It's ABC and Fox and affiliates (ESPN, FS1 etc)


But my friends and I split the streaming packages, MLB.tv, NHL CenterIce, and NBA game time (no Sunday ticket, thanks Directv) so I still have every game every team available (great idea if you live outside your favorite local team market or a fantasy guru).


i agree with more supported devices, makes no sense that it's available on iphone and iPad but not Apple TV. But Amazon FireTv is still pretty good. Id recommend the firetv over the firestick because they firestick is super slow.


@squall please PM me on the "other ways"!!!! :10_wink:



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Anybody using it? I'm about ready to cut the cord. My promotional rate ends this month and jumps from 150 to 180, fuck that!


hearing a lot of good things about PSVue, just wanted to get some more feedback. 


How is it going with PSVue? I'll probably use it



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I cut off Dish about a year ago. and started using Sling.TV which is cheaper $19.99 or $24.99 only down size is you can only stream in two different devices at a time, but it works with me I get FSFLA and Sunshine Network, only two local channels tho but who cares, plus I  sub to MLB.TV and Netflix. Also used PSVue for 3 months that was before slingtv had FSFLA available. Liked it but slingtv is cheaper plus you can stream where ever you go. with PSVue you're stuck with one IP



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