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Curt Schilling


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it's really close.  Both he and Mussina are tough decisions.  He's a douche but I'd probably vote him in.  If the voters don't adjust their thinking a bit almost no starting pitchers are going to make the Hall anymore. 


His postseason numbers help:  133 innings of playoff baseball, he went 11-2, 2.23 ERA / .096 WHIP is awfully good.


Looks like his support actually went down this year though so he may be done.



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To me Schilling has always been a borderline candidate.


His postseason numbers help him for sure and its the only reason he is even being considered.  


Mussina to me is a better pitcher than Schilling.  The stats back it up, but there isnt  the 'glory' associated with Mussina like there probably should be.


I mean if there is any pitcher on the ballot right now that should be the slam dunk candidate its Moose.  All others should get in line behind him.



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