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PSA: Just 69 days until Opening Day!


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So I guess Admin is hinting I should be putting a days/jersey number countdown on the IG account?


Ha no pressure of course, I was going to do this but you're welcome to take it over if you want. Or even, joint effort. Like if you see I didn't do one yet or I see you haven't, one of us can. Just an idea I had for some easy content in the off-season!



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I didn't realize there was such an extensive list of MVP's that have worn number 67 for the Marlins.


It is a hot number indeed.


65 isn't too hot either, though Brice had a chance of improving it.


Austin Brice (2016) Sandy Rosario (2010) Jai Miller (2008)



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OK so just to make sure I don't get this wrong, tomorrow is 67 correct? And 67 days until what? Opening day? And who's 66 so I can get a head start on the next few numbers. FYI I love this idea and feel stupid for not thinking of it.


According to the countdown site I use, tomorrow is 67. I think you should hit 1 day to go the day before April 3. From my calculations, that's what'll happen if you do 67 tomorrow. But I could be wrong, I was not an A student in math!


Thanks for doing it!



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