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NHL's newest franchise to be called Seattle Kraken


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12 minutes ago, SonOfJack said:

I love the name and the colors. Need more time to ponder the logo, but the uniform could be awesome. Lots to work with there.

I'm sure they'll have a more elaborate logo with the full name but that logo above is perfect for simplicity, like a cap logo in baseball. The only problem with the Kraken name is that its logos can easily become too cartoony and over the top like a minor league team so they gotta be real careful with that. 

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I don't like that logo at all but I really dig the name.  Release the Kraken is an easy rally cry and there are so many ways to inspire the fanbase. 

As a perk, all those tentacles might bring a lot of anime *cough*hentai*cough* nerds who normally abhor sports into the arena. 

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