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The Fight Continues

No Limit Marlins Commander

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Gentlemen (and Ladies),  

The battle has not stopped, the field is not cleared yet and our flag is not the one flying high (yet).  

I implore all of you to saddle up and be prepared for this long and courageous fight.  We must continue to go No Limit, your support on this quest for the playoffs is needed and appreciated.

Look at what going No Limit has done, our spot in the tournament looks secure, but by no means is it safe!  We must continue to pursue the enemy, cheer on this young, scrappy, hungry team and push them into the playoffs!

In times like these, we have to look at what we know.  What we know is that deep down we have the knowledge of finishing a war is like.  Let's rekindle those emotions, grab that left nut (or ovary) as each skirmish wages on and don't let up.  As we deeper into the trenches, it will be time to squeeze a little harder, let out a deeper primal roar.  

Find that good luck charm.  Wear that old hat, that ratty tshirt, that special bobblehead, those rosary beads, whatever it is, use it.  They still exist.  They have worked before.  They will work again.

The Fight is only beginning gentlemen (and ladies).  I cannot have you back off as of yet.  I cannot have you let off the gas.  I need you to push harder.  Make this team feel like fans are in the ballpark from afar.  Watch those games, break the ratings machines.  

It's time to show the world what this No Limit Army is capable of once again.  We have been dormant for far too long.  It is time to rectify that situation.  

Saddle up.  Nut up.  Grab that left nut (or ovary) and let's keep on fighting this fight.  Let's see if we can taste that sweet taste of victory yet again, smell that sweet smell of the battlefield after you are victorious.  

Are you with me?  

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The fact there are only 6 likes to my post is embarrassing and pathetic.  

The final battle will not go our way with maggots like so many of you around here refusing to go NO LIMIT in the pursuit of this war.  

Its time to nut up and show everyone what side of the tracks you are on.  The train is leaving the station and you need to get your ass on the train and you need to get on it NOW.

Damn maggots go hang with the swine if you refuse to stand behind and rise up for battle.

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FYI that dude above... you're crazy and I love the passion but I sure hope you were watching during the 100 loss seasons too. Don't come to me with your 2012 Jose Reyes t-shirt and tell me that Monday's game was the first Marlins game you watched since 2012.

Edit: I don't think this guy is a bandwagon fan at all, I was talking in general because the bandwagon fans are about to come out with the same energy as this guy like if they haven't missed a game ever. Get ready.

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