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Marlin Fans, It is time.  The time is upon us.  


Playoff season is upon us.  Its time to grab that left nut (or ovary) and let out the most primal scream that you have ever let out.  We have done this before.  We will do it again.  I have called upon troops to get ready for this time.  I have called for preparation of this season.  

That time is upon us.  We have been in this fight before.  We have conquered the battlefield before.  When we have been called upon to battle in the past we have risen victorious.  This is the real NO LIMIT Marlins Army.

I need you to be ready for battle.  Grab that good luck charm, that old tattered shirt or jersey, that ratty old hat.  Burn your Ivan Rodriguez candles again, put on the face of Miguel Rojas if you need to in order to burn that candle.  Get your rosary beads if you do that, be ready.  Its NO LIMIT time.  Its time to grab that left nut (or ovary) hard.  Its time to get your shit together.  It's time to not look back.  We are there now.  We are ready to roll.  The train left the station.  I implore you to be passionate.  I implore you to be primal.  I implore you to not give a fuck about anyone less.  I implore you to go NO LIMIT.  We are the original fucking platoon of this fan base.

Don't let these new imposters confuse you.

While these lesser inferior armies are sending out shit like:


The Marlins NO LIMIT Army are putting on that eye black, grabbing and squeezing that left nut (or ovary) and preparing for battle.  This is no joke.  We know how to make this happen and I implore you to fight hard, cheer harder and let all know where you stand.  There is no looking back, only looking forward.  The time is upon us soldiers.  NO LIMIT is upon us.  I need you at your best.  I need you to get it all done.  I need you to be passionate.  I need you to fight.  

Its battle season and no battle season has ever been more open.  Its time to slay some Cubs.  Leave them behind in our wake and push forward NO LIMIT style.  No quarter.  No mercy.  Fight.  Push.  Conquer.   Nothing but victory is acceptable.  

Grab and squeeze that nut (or ovary) until it hurts, until you feel like its going to burst in your hands because who cares about the past.  Its about today and the battle on our hands.  Looking to tomorrow is a sucker's game.  I need you TODAY.  The NO LIMIT Army needs you TODAY.

Let's go.

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