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What do you put in your salad?


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I usually keep it pretty simple, like a garden salad or simple green salad with olive oil and lemon juice dressing.

Beside that, I like Caeser salad with chicken, croutons and Parmesan cheese.

I haven’t been to a buffet or salad bar in some years, but when I do go, I pretty much load up the salad with all the good toppings like bacon, cheese, eggs, croutons and Bleu cheese dressing. 😂 

But I would say that about 90% of all salads I eat are the simple green or garden salads with Olive oil and lemon juice. 😂

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8 hours ago, rmc523 said:

I like a good caesar salad with or without chicken.

Yea I'm not big on salads (I agree with the I'm not a rabbit take) but it's hard to beat a good Caesar salad.

I think Ranch is overrated on salad, that's more for chicken tenders than for greens to me.

I just recently tried poppy seed dressing though and that blew me away, I was very disappointed to not have been introduced to this earlier in my life. 

Oh and strawberries are my favorite fruit so that strawberries and pecans salad is a bit of a treat for me even though it doesn't seem like a real salad. 

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Oh and I just remembered, my mother has been spelling salad her whole life as "salid"... I used to get so bothered that it was wrong but everytime I remember it I realize she's got a point considering that salid makes more sense than salad in terms of the pronunciation. The English language can be so ridiculous. 

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