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Do you think there will be a work stoppage in MLB?


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I'm thinking they agree too, if there's any kind of stoppage it won't be long at all. We always hear about this but I really think 1994/95 scared the crap out of both sides and the damage from that was rough, seems like they really take every effort to avoid going that far again. Even if things are tenous, they figure it out.

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I think I agree with the consensus that no games will ultimately be missed.....I can’t believe they’re THAT stupid.....BUT I think it’ll come down to the wire, with maybe even a shortened spring training rolling into the regular starting time for the season.

that said, seeing how moronically both sides handled the negotiations last season when they could’ve been the first/only sport back up and operating/an easy way to regenerate interest in baseball, nothing would really surprise me.

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Enjoy baseball this year boys.

Players distrust owners so much there is no fucking chance they arent going on strike at this point tbh. 

There are so many issues they disagree on that there is no way they come to a consensus at this point.

I think the owners trying to 'offer' universal DH in exchange for another round of playoffs (that they already sold to ESPN) was the final straw.  

Mind you the Universal DH is desired as much by the owners as the playoffs, and the players were smart to tell MLB to get bent over that offer.

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