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Trevor Bauer Suspended Two Years


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17 minutes ago, FishFan95 said:

Will the suspension be retroactive to the start of games missed or does it start now?


15 minutes ago, SonOfJack said:

Starts now apparently.  It was termed as “effective today”. 

Yep, starts right now. Games missed so far not included 

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so many AWFUL takes on Twitter, holy shit.

Just a reminder:

Trevor Bauer ADMITTED to choking a woman until she became unconscious, then proceeded to have sex with her while she remained unconscious. 

He was not found guilty in a criminal case not because he was innocent, but because the American justice system is a joke, especially for a white man with a lot of money.


"This is too much"

"That's too many games"

"He already missed time, that should count"


This dude should be in jail and never pitch again. He (and, ugh...his fans) should be happy that he may get to pitch again in two years instead of maybe being getting out of jail in two years.


In summary: Trevor Bauer is awful and if you defend him, well guess what

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Just now, SilverBullet said:

Whatever happened to the claim that the girl gave consent to all that weird shit?

I'm not trying to defend Bauer because I can't stand him but consent is consent.

Can't consent when you're unconscious!


(Apparently, she consented to be choked, but not choked out. BIG difference.)

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