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Most Pathetic Sports Franchise


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Since ESPN called the Chicago Blackhawks the worst franchise in pro sports, I figured that we'd debate what team is the worst. Although the Blackhawks are bad, they won a championship in the early '90's.


Therefore, I'll go with the Arizona Cardinals, since I've never seen a pro football team in my life that could only draw 20,000 or so to a game.

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The Cardinals have some positives going for them.



The Devil Rays are a pathetic organization from top to bottom.



For every 1 good personnel move them make...they make 50 bad ones.

Yeah, i'm sure signing an aging Emmitt Smith was a great idea.


However, they were smarter than the Dolphins, who missed drafting Anquan Boldin, the best rookie last year. How could we pass on a guy who lives in the same state? Do we not have a scouting department anymore?

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McCown is decent (the Berg would be better but they have other needs)


they have Boldin and Johnson (1st rounder)


Marcell Shipp is clearly the RB (emmitt is a side show :( )


the D is questionable but they do have 2 good safeties and above average DBs


LB is bad DL could be better


Denny can do it :thumbup

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Actually the Hawks have not won a championship since 1963. They were in the Stanley Cup Finals in 92 and got swept by the Penguins...

Thank you I was about to say that.


Teams who won the Stanley Cup in the 90's.

Pittsburgh Penguins-91, 92

New York Rangers-94

Colorado Avalanche-96

New Jersey Devils-95

Dallas Stars-99

Detroit Red Winds-97,98

Montreal Candians-93

Edmonton Oilers-90

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how about the Clippers; they've got one of the worst owners in pro-sports, and they have to share the staples center with the Lakers. It's like the Newark Bears having to steal thunder from the Yankees...

They make money though which is why I kept them off even though they make it on playing cheap.

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