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  1. Stanton's 2015 BABIP is 52 points lower than his lowest BABIP as a major leaguer.
  2. Stanton homered AGAIN There are wins, and then there are wins against the Cubs. Those feel even better.
  3. Eat penis. He manufactured our only run and he's who you want to talk about in the post game. Eat. Penis. *i went the no-respect route because you're the trolliest of trolls
  4. That's all I needed to see. Nevermind.
  5. Harper career WAR so far (with this year not even half way done): 13.4 that's less than 3.5 years would you rather have this conversation without stats and just call each other names?
  6. He's really young and really good. Like, Hall Of Fame good.
  7. You're not feeling his Derek Lee vibe?
  8. What a fucking disaster inning 2 outs, 0-2 count and now this
  9. DTrain

    5/29 Postgame

    You sound happy that Stanton struck out. That's really weird.
  10. Guys, we get to read miamibaseball posts for free. can you believe that? i love my life!!
  11. Can someone scrape some data on how many solo HR's we have hit this year
  12. Dan Jennings hands together in prayer
  13. Admin, I just randomly got like 20 email notifications about posts in this thread. Is there a way for that not to happen?
  14. Yelich BABIP is higher than I would have thought. (.292)
  15. We hit solo home runs the teams we play get 3-run home runs from 29 year olds with 10 career home runs gross
  16. And still OPS'ing well over .800! guy is a beast
  17. Mike Redmond having one of the best weeks of his life.
  18. 2.23 FIP in 21 innings this year. As usual, you provide excellent analysis.
  19. Unless the person seeking the autograph is 15 years old or younger, I've never understood the appeal of hounding people for autographs.
  20. Mike Redmond --------------> at his gigantic house, counting his gigantic pile of $$$$ and laughing at his former team getting swept by Arizona at home. Mike Redmond: 1 Jeffrey Loria: nil
  21. What's our record again with Ichiro starting?
  22. Over 4 months of baseball left GO Marleeeeeeeeeeeens!
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