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  1. Derek Deitrich career OPS: .694 career BABIP: .257 Donovan Solano career OPS: .648 career BABIP .310 Is he overrated or is the front office a bunch of boobs?
  2. What about the several months when Deitrich was one of the best offensive players on the Zephyrs and he was rotting away down there?
  3. 3rd longest playoff drought in MLB You're dead right about it being very frustrating to be a fan The fact that Deitrich is rotting in the minors sometimes makes me want to buy a Dodgers hat I'm really not sure why I still watch the Marlins and plead their case to anyone who will listen but I do
  4. Marlins run differential: -9 Brewers run differential: -55
  5. lololololol lol lets trade Stanton and Gordon too. Package deal!
  6. Agreed. that caught stealing is not our season team doesn't hit HR's, 8 blown saves and Jose and Henderson have been gone. thats our season
  7. Haven't seen a guy pitch this bad and still have a shutout in tact through 5 innings. SO MANY frickin hard hit balls by the Marlins.
  8. That was a really fun half inning
  9. this dude trolls harder than any troll I've ever encountered. I think the joke may be on us.
  10. You mean the outcome that produces a .900 OPS?
  11. Reid Brignac: our late inning close game pinch hitter!
  12. Another game were not necessarily supposed to win. Need AFLAC, baby.
  13. Have to challenge that in a close game in the top of the 8th
  14. I mean, we love this road outing from Latos, though. As of now 1 run.......... We'll take this every start.
  15. Ozuna's BABIP is 100 points higher than last year. Latos looks like he's getting tired.
  16. I never would have imagined FoxSports would have traded down from Allison Williams. this poor woman's nose is facing a completely different direction than her face
  17. Dyson's meatball right down the middle on 0-2 got the whole party started. That was awful. He missed his spot by 2 feet.
  18. I pray to almighty God they don't hire McKeon.
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