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  1. I'm not the guy to say I told you so... And in all fairness the people in this thread aren't the same ones who disagreed with me earlier... But when we beat the Braves Sunday I said this Milwaukee series was potentially huge and several people said I was wrong. I never guaranteed a playoff spot, all I said was watch this series and enjoy the possibility. Halfway through the series and I think you see what's possible. The improbable isn't impossible. Keep enjoying it guys. After last nights win, the Marlins chances of making the playoffs went from 0.4% to 0.7%.
  2. Stanton lost at the plate tonight. We won't have to put up with that anymore in 2016!
  3. Gotta hand it to Brewers fans. They know how to heckle visiting players. The one guy screaming "Ko-ler" is funny.
  4. Should be 1st and 2nd and 1 out. So McGehee can GIDP
  5. We beat the Brewers, Atlanta lost and we are still 4.5 games out. See where I'm going with this?
  6. Penny didn't do any battling. Ground balls and line drives were hit to positional players. That's the battling Brad Penny did. This will only cause the FO to trot him out to the mound again. Fun game to watch from a fan perspective. Finishing .500 would be amazing. Anyone who still thinks this team has a chance at a Wild Card (hi, Rich and Tommy) are crazy people.
  7. Zero chance Penny is taken out before he blows the lead. Just have to hope he goes 5 or 6 and the game is close.
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, Brad Penny.
  9. Great win. Any win against the Braves is great (especially when the Braves are in the playoff hunt which seems like always). But the season is still over for the Marlins. They guaranteed that by losing 2 of 3 to the Mets at home and by giving Brad Penny starts.
  10. DTrain

    9/5 Post Game

    I'm guessing Cosart won't maintain this torrid pace and that we don't have to worry about Marisnick learning how to hit major league pitching.
  11. Probably not I agree but they should obviously be giving starts to the kids not the pigs.
  12. I'm shoving all my chips in the middle that he is using coke and they gave him the option to resign instead of termination.
  13. Funny. Actually, my g/f and I go to South Beach for mini stay-cations. We love Sushi Samba. Taquitos!!!!
  14. DTrain

    9/5 Post Game

    Yeah, it's unfortunate. Not taking at least 2 of 3 from the Mets was the coffin slamming shut on this team even though Red, Craig Minnerweenie and the rest of the FSN team are trying to hype up that they're still in the hunt. It's over, boys. But very fun game to watch. Shame that Bour doesn't start regularly vs RHP but ya know, lol Marlins.
  15. Brantly already had his shot. He is not a long term contending team option.
  16. Calm down, songsintheair. I understand it completely. I stay in a hotel in Miami at least 6 times a year. Anyone who buys Marlins tickets, eats food while you're there (see where I'm going with this) pays to support an owner who is about to take a big, hot steaming shit all over his fans. Again.
  17. Having real grass instead of turf is a very legit reason for the retractable roof. As long as everyone (tax payers/tourists) realize that we paid an extra $50-$75 million or so for 9 games with the roof open out of 81 per year and real grass. Again, not saying it's not worth it but.......we all pay for it and: Jeffrey Loria gets richer while we prepare for Miguel Cabrera Episode II (when Stanton is dealt).
  18. Hes made huge strides hitting this year and is one of the best defensive shortstops in baseball. I dont give a shit was some defensive metric says. K.
  19. Offense/Defense/Situational hitting all things considered......... Hech is a top 5 worst SS in baseball. Yup.
  20. You can tell this team is close but they still need some upgrading / holes to fill The FO will fill lots of holes when they trade Stanton in the 2015 off season.
  21. 2 superstars (one hurt), an up and coming superstar and a solid #2 pitcher. Beyond that, this team is a steaming pile of doo doo.
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