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  1. But you know this team as well as I do. You just know they're going to go on a huge run, turn things around only to finish 2 games out of the last Wild Card spot because of this dismal start.
  2. Remember when we had the best outfield in baseball?
  3. This is all Jose Fernadez's elbows fault.
  4. New Interpol is as good as their debut. Best Coast
  5. Any person complaining about Yelich's hitting struggles so far is a boob who knows nothing about baseball. Slumps happen in a 162 game season.
  6. This team smells like a playoff team. Or dog shit. Not sure.
  7. Not making the playoffs for over 10 years should be unacceptable to fans of any baseball team.
  8. Holla holla Miami Marleeeeeens. This is a big off season for Loria and his puppets. I will remain very cautiously optimistic.
  9. And you continue to overrate Justin Bour, by the way. You play Justin Bour at 1B vs RHPs until it stops making sense.
  10. I thought I was in the Sunday game thread. Oh lawd, Cisheck
  11. Our chances of winning the Wild Card is 99.9%
  12. Why do I still care about these games?
  13. Remember when we all thought Eovaldi was a #2 starter back in May?
  14. Annnnnnnnd, that may be game. I didn't have the TV on when I read this. I assumed it was like 5-0 Brewers. It's actually 1-0 Brewers in thr THIRD inning.
  15. This. While it may not happen, reading some people's opinions you'd think we're talking about the Rockies or the Diamondbacks' playoff odds here. No, just the 1.9% chance that MLB.com is giving us.
  16. C'mon, dude. How about this....... Their chances of making the playoffs is less then 2%. It's in absolute miracle territory, not "halfway through the (Brewers) series and I think you see what's possible" territory like you said earlier.
  17. Or 0.7% like I said before depending on where you look. http://www.sportsclubstats.com/MLB/National/NLEastern/Marlins.html No opinions. Just math. I'm guessing you thought we had like a 15% chance of making the playoffs.
  18. Correction. The Marlins are currently at 1.9% to make the playoffs.
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