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  1. Your head doesn't get bigger and you don't become more ripped just because you are getting older either. I'm not getting in to this one way or another, but that is a superfluous post. Ive never seen any proof that Barry got more "ripped" as he got older. Maybe there are pictures out there that prove me wrong. Gaining muscle and getting ripped are not one in the same. You can be a lard a** and still pack on a lot of muscle. When I look at Barry Bonds, I see a guy with a lot of muscle but not a guy who is "ripped". It looks to me like Barry's body fat percentage is much higher than it was when he was younger which would explain a lot of the "growth" which is spoke of. I have no argument for your comment about the size of his head.
  2. Why do they have to, though? Thats the point. They aren't encouraging common sense or safety, they are enforcing common sense and safety with fines and tickets. Not wearing a seat belt is pretty much evoking a Darwin award so let it play out its course instead of pulling people over and forcing it down their throat. You reap what you sow.
  3. Stupid ass government making me wear a seat belt. f*** you, Ralph Nader. Let the market decide how many people should be thrown from their cars in accidents. Actually, why should it be law to wear a seat belt? Its called personal responsibility. If someone is dumb enough to not wear one, they will have to deal with the consequences. I never understood the need for seatbelt laws. I actually don't have a problem with this bill and I drive a hog: a Ford F-250. To me this is better for the consumer in the long run along with improving driving conditions.
  4. And why do people continue to forget that PEOPLE GET LARGER AS THEY GET OLDER. Jesus. As you get older your metabolic rate slows and you get larger. You don't have to take roids to grow as you age. Your head doesn't get bigger and you don't become more ripped just because you are getting older either. I'm not getting in to this one way or another, but that is a superfluous post.
  5. Cowher as head coach and Parcells as VP wouldn't be too shabby for the Fins. Link?
  6. Didn't see this until after I posted the above: A source confirmed to the Miami Herald that the agent for Bill Parcells is in negotiations with the Dolphins. http://www.miamiherald.com/616/story/350561.html
  7. Owner Arthur Blank said Wednesday that Bill Parcells has backed out of his deal with Atlanta to be the team's next executive vice president. http://www.ajc.com/services/content/sports...=7&cxcat=21 Falcons catching zero breaks.
  8. http://www.glennbeck.com/news/12192007c.shtml Romeny and Beck don't understand the criteria either. Retarded.
  9. uf: the arrogance of the yankees with the winning tradition of the cubs. :stare
  10. Bill Parcells said Wednesday that he likely will accept the Atlanta Falcons' offer to become the team's vice president of football operations. "I'm pretty sure I'm going to do it. [Owner] Arthur [blank] and I have had some pretty constructive discussions. I basically will oversee the football operations. We'll meet today -- not in Atlanta -- and work out some of the final details but I don't think there's any deal breakers here," Parcells said. Parcells said he has no plans to return to coaching. "Arthur wants to rebuild the football operation. I'll hire a general manager and then we'll hire a coach. We'll do this together, the GM, the coach and myself. The coach absolutely will not be Bill Parcells. All this happens if we finalize this thing, which I expect to do." Asked about a potential GM and coach, Parcells said, "I've got a list but that's all I'm saying." Parcells added that current GM Rich McKay would be asked to stay aboard but that "I don't really know how he feels about that." Blank has informed McKay that he will not return in the same role, even though the owner wants McKay to remain as the team's president, sources said. Blank's talks with Parcells evolved from an advisory role into a firm offer to rebuild his football operation, sources said. Blank could not be reached for comment. Parcells, an ESPN NFL analyst, also has had limited dialogue with the Miami Dolphins about a similar role but the talks with the Falcons have been more urgent, a league source said. McKay is out as general manager, sources said, even if Parcells does not join the Falcons. However, Blank has asked McKay to remain as the team's president to oversee short-range and long-range stadium plans and continue as a valuable liaison with the league. It is uncertain if McKay would accept a new role with the Falcons. He also is co-chairman of the league's competition committee. If Parcells declines his offer, Blank still will hire a new general manager or he could give personnel control to the new head coach, sources said. Blank has acted with urgency since Bobby Petrino resigned as coach on Dec. 12th. He spoke with Bill Cowher on Friday when the former Steelers coach told the owner that he had no plans to return to the sidelines in 2008, sources said. The Falcons owner also consulted with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones concerning Parcells, who resigned in January after four years as the Dallas coach. Jones credited Parcells with the franchise's turnaround at a point the Cowboys had suffered through three consecutive 5-11 seasons. There is added irony in that Jones was an unofficial emissary for the University of Arkansas, his alma mater, who first relayed to Blank the school's interest in Petrino. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=3160597
  11. Yeah, they've only called it this for 80 years now. :confused
  12. Um, okay? By what standard is he the person of the year? He undermined democracy and was probably involved in international intrigue (poisoning all those people). Yes, that's the person of the year. Way to go Time! That isn't the criteria. The man, woman, couple, group, idea, place, or machine that "for better or for worse, ...has done the most to influence the events of the year." Hitler and Stalin are former Person's of the Year.
  13. His final year as Russia's President has been his most successful yet. At home, he secured his political future. Abroad, he expanded his outsize—if not always benign—influence on global affairs Runner-Ups: Al Gore, J.K Rowling, Hu Jintao, David Petraeus http://www.time.com/time/specials/2007/personoftheyear/
  14. If you are opposed to the Iraq war, don't vote for McCain. He wanted us to send MORE troops into that quagmire. Lieberman is no longer welcome in the DNC, thank god. If it were up to him, we would have bombed Iran years ago, just for looking at us funny. He's more hawkish than many Republicans, which is hard to believe. When figuring out who I want to vote for on the Republican ticket, I'm definitely consulting FutureGM.
  15. Example of why being able to carry a weapon is a good idea. /knows what path this will go down
  16. Cape's blog was/is a great source of information for this not only when it was going down but before then for people like myself who weren't following it every step of the way. I also liked reading his live blogging so I didn't have to sift through all the noise of the thread. Well done Cape.
  17. The San Diego Padres announced today that they have agreed to terms on a one-year contract with infielder Tadahito Iguchi. Executive Vice President/General Manager Kevin Towers made the announcement. Iguchi played in 135 games between the Chicago White Sox and Philadelphia Phillies in 2007, batting a combined .267 (124-for-465) with 27 doubles, four triples, nine home runs, 43 RBI, 67 runs scored and 14 stolen bases. He began the season with Chicago and hit .251 (82-for-327) in 90 games with the White Sox before the Phillies acquired him on July 27 in exchange for right-handed pitcher Michael Dubee. The 33-year-old Iguchi hit at a .304 clip (42-for-138) in 45 contests with Philadelphia to finish the season. A native of Tokyo, Japan, Iguchi has a career .276 (422-for-1531) batting average with 76 doubles, 10 triples, 42 home runs, 181 RBI, 238 runs scored and 40 stolen bases in 408 Major League games with the White Sox (2005-07) and Phillies (2007). In 2005, he finished fourth in American League Rookie of the Year voting after hitting .278 (142-for-511) with 25 doubles, six triples, 15 home runs and 71 RBI in his first Major League season. Additionally, he led all American League second baseman with 18 home runs and 96 runs scored in 2006. Iguchi has appeared in 15 postseason games, including 12 with the 2005 World Series Champion White Sox. He was the first Japanese-born position player to play for a World Series Champion. Iguchi also played in three Division Series games with the Phillies in 2007. Signed by the White Sox as a free agent on January 27, 2005, Iguchi previously played eight seasons for the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks of the Japanese Pacific League from 1997-2004. He was a four-time Japanese Pacific League All-Star (2001-04) and won three Gold Gloves as a second baseman (2001, 2003-04). In 894 career games with Fukuoka, Iguchi batted .271 (860-for-3175) with 159 doubles, 15 triples, 149 home runs, 507 RBI, 524 runs scored and 159 stolen bases. http://mlb.mlb.com/news/press_releases/pre...jsp&c_id=sd
  18. A lot of evangelicals don't like this and are turned off by it. Using the Lord's name for political gain is not a good move. Plus it reeks of pandering.
  19. double their payroll as an act of good faith to the fans. Wow, how 'cordial' of them.
  20. Passion

    The Hobbit

    Well you know Ian McKellan will be all over that then. :mischief
  21. Passion

    The Hobbit

    So, again, what is the sequel?
  22. Passion

    The Hobbit

    There is some time between 'Hobbit' and 'Fellowship', but I don't know that it was chronicled. What will be awesome one day is perhaps adapting 'The Silmarillion,' which is probably the most impressive literary work that he's done IMO. Yes, and it isn't even a direct prequel to the trilogy. I just really hope they don't go with an original storied film. The Simarillion would be pretty cool and potentially visually stunning.
  23. Passion

    The Hobbit

    What is the 'sequel' going to be? Are they going to break it up in to two parts? I hope they don't make an original story.
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