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  1. The amount of people driving with a suspended license has to be astronomical. No way to enforce it though so it will continue to be a problem.
  2. Kenny Mayne is not even the least bit funny. At all. He thinks he is, though, which is kinda sad OMG PEOPLE HAV DIFFRUN SENSE OF DA HUMORZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
  3. OMG. Too awesome. :lol :notworthy
  4. I had to Google this guy to make sure he was real. Let the mafia and Soprano jokes begin.
  5. I haven't listened to commentators for a Duke-UNC game in probably 4 years. Yeah its rarely a good idea, though I thought Nessler did a great job in the 2006 game that was on 12 different ESPN networks Just about the only thing you can get Heels and Devils fans to agree on is a hatred for Packer Packer has actually become more anti-UNC the last few years in my view. His whole shtick is rather comical.
  6. Adrian Peterson ran away with The Associated Press NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year voting the same way he surged past opposing tacklers this season. The Minnesota Vikings running back, who set the league mark for rushing in a game with 296 yards in a 35-17 victory over San Diego, also had a 224-yarder in a win against Chicago. The key to Minnesota's improvement to an 8-8 record this season, he led the NFC with 1,341 yards rushing, second only to San Diego's LaDainian Tomlinson in the league. His 78 points on 13 touchdowns were second in the conference. Those numbers, compiled in 14 games, and his overall impact -- the Vikings struggled to pass the ball, yet were in the wild-card race until the final game -- earned Peterson 46? votes from a nationwide panel of 50 media members who regularly cover the NFL. Cleveland Browns tackle Joe Thomas was the only other player receiving votes, 3?. "I added to things they already had," Peterson said. "I am a playmaker. That's why I say if there is anything I could do to put me out there, just put me out there. "I wanted to come in and be a difference and help the team turn around. I came with the attitude to do whatever I had to do to get on the field." Peterson was not a starter until the sixth game, a week after his big performance against the Bears. While veteran Chester Taylor opened the first five games and was coming off a strong year, it was clear that Peterson could be a difference-maker. So coach Brad Childress had to turn him loose. "From an early time, a week after the draft when we had about 50 free agents in here, you knew he was going to be a special guy," Childress said. The seventh selection in the draft, Peterson brought some durability issues with him after suffering several injuries at Oklahoma. He did miss two games with a knee problem and wasn't particularly effective for much of December when he returned to the lineup. But at his best, Peterson was as good as any rookie runner the league has seen; halfway through the schedule, he was on pace to break Eric Dickerson's rookie rushing record of 1,808 yards. And even though he slowed because of the injury, Peterson had little competition for the award. "I knew what I was bringing to the table. I'm pretty sure those guys knew by drafting me," Peterson said. "I came in with the attitude to just contribute any way I could. Get in game shape and be valuable to play." Vikings cornerback Cedric Griffin played at Texas and faced Peterson each season. That Peterson was the NFL's top offensive rookie was no surprise to Griffin. "I knew what he possessed. He's just a great back, and I respect that of him," Griffin said. "I don't think he needs any praises, because he knows that he has that capability of carrying this team. He's been doing a great job, and everyone knows that." Peterson is the fifth Viking to win the award, joining Paul Flatley in 1967, Chuck Foreman in 1973, Sammy White in '76 and Randy Moss in 1998. Only Foreman was a running back; the other three were wide receivers. Last year's winner was Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/print?id=31...&type=story Big shocker.
  7. Anyone on the fence about who to vote for in the GOP should just hear the audio of each candidate's response to Benazir Bhutto's assassination. The choice should be pretty clear. Link? http://www.desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs...009/-1/SPORTS09 I'm still trying to find audio, but that has reactions from the candidates on both sides of the political fence.
  8. Jacksonville San Diego New England Indianapolis New England Seattle Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Green Bay Green Bay New England WC 3 + D 4 + C 4 + SB 0 = 11
  9. Anyone on the fence about who to vote for in the GOP should just hear the audio of each candidate's response to Benazir Bhutto's assassination. The choice should be pretty clear.
  10. I really, really hate how in order to be president, it doesn't matter what the rest of the country thinks, as some as some crazy f***ing corn growers in Iowa like you. See: Rudy Guiliani, not that I support him, but I think it's ridiculous he has little chance of winning even though he's ahead in most big states, but a bunch of farmers in the middle of nowhere don't like him enough. Agreed. I wish we had one national primary day where every state voted at the same time. The way we do it now makes absolute no sense.
  11. Updated after New Year's. Ramp moves in to first by getting all his 10 point games correct and earning that big 50 point bonus. 5 bowls left and the only new bonus up for grabs is all the BCS games.
  12. Congrats wanks. I missed the top 10 by 1 spot.
  13. Photo of the front? Audiobook I want that would be nice to have at a lesser rate.
  14. I haven't listened to commentators for a Duke-UNC game in probably 4 years.
  15. 2007 has been ridiculously good to me. I shall miss it.
  16. Updated. Please PM me if you think I've made a mistake. I don't want to cheat anyone because I wasn't careful.
  17. Feb. 6 Duke at North Carolina 9:00 PM Thank you Jesus. Thanks for posting this Cape.
  18. If you have an orgy, we want deets.
  19. A little cousin of mine got Hannah Montana tickets for Christmas. Her celebration was actually kind of sick and killed a little bit of the Christmas mood at the time. I'd never give my kid tickets to this garbage.
  20. When the hell are we gonna get a look at the updated standings? Sorry I've been enjoying my time off from work to be with my family and also out of the state. You'll probably get one tonight.
  21. Christian. Grew up Methodist but I don't have any denomination at the moment that I'd like to be a part of. My family is Christian as is my wife's. Older brother is agnostic.
  22. Hopefully a healthy baby in 9 months.
  23. I wish my F-250 was more of a gas hog.
  24. Jack sh*t because I'm sick of not being home and I want to sleep in my own bed tonight.
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