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  1. Nobody bought it, so now it's a giveaway. Reported during last night's game.
  2. How did Jack's wacky managing affect the outcome of the game. When I analyze the game, his on-field decisions were to win the game. 840191[/snapback] That's what i'm trying to figure out. People are just looking for a reason to hate Jack. To pull Olsen was a great move, he walked Sheets earlier in the game and was was over his pitch count. He looked tired, and wasn't hitting the zone. Jack didn't want that to happen again, so he brings in a Bump, and Bump gets out of it. Soooooo, what's the problem?
  3. Ben Sheets is the hitter at the plate and Jack yanks Olsen I dont approve edit: Olsen is at 108 pitches.... if Olsen has anything left, I would have given him the shot 839671[/snapback] You said it, Olsen was at 108. He wasn't hitting the zone. He could have walked Sheets (for the second time) for all we know... and then you guys would have been blaming Jack for not pulling Olsen! Didn't need to waste Bump? He faced one batter.
  4. WTF? First he takes out Olsen and brings in Bump to pitch to Sheets with the pitchers spot coming in the bottom of the inning. Then he keeps Mota in to pitch with Gonzo on first, then brings in Lenny when he is down 0-2. WTF??? 839858[/snapback] Olsen was way over his pitch count and Bump got out of the inning, what are you complaining about? Jack let Guillermo hit because he didn't want to dig into his bullpen if he brought in a pinch hitter. Plus Alex was just on first, once he stole second the whole face of the inning changed. He figured we had a chance to do something now that Alex was in scoring position, so he brought Lenny in. At this time the count was already 0-2 on Guillermo. What would you have done? Let Guillermo strike out, or bring in an experienced pinch hitter that could get us the lead? I seriously don't understand you people. A lot of you guys digust me.
  5. your making love at this very moment? 835768[/snapback] Fixed
  6. Alright. I need a whole list of love songs, throw 'em at me. Whether it be about heartbreak, love, w/e. Slow Jams please! Something you can slow dance to or set a romantic vibe. I need about 100 songs (maybe more), this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Seriously. And there was not 5k at the game yesterday.
  8. East, west, south, north,up here, down here... who the f*** cares? ARRRggh
  9. Damn Loduca just dissed us saying we got 5,000 fans f*** you loduca 832915[/snapback] Yeah man. That wasn't cool. :confused
  10. I think I heard someone say "This thread is LAME"
  11. Blonde hair? Blue eyes? Hott as hell?
  12. Thought this would be cool. Post your talents! EX: If you're a musician you could post a little snippet of some of your stuff, singers as well. If you're a writer, give us a little something... same goes for being a poet. For models... post some pics :mischief . If you could do something weird with your face or body, post some pics. If you're too shy for any of this, then just tell us what you could do. I thought this would be cool to get to know you guys a little better. Have fun!
  13. I need to get more pictures online but anyways, here's a picture of me with my sister. Please don't make any sexual comments or anything of the like--Thank you. If you guys would like to see more then act normal or else you're not gonna get anymore. 828196[/snapback] You look very different form the previous pic posted. But cool pic dude.
  14. Got this idea from previous threads and thought it would be a cool topic. Post a picture of your room.
  15. Leah. She has put on some weight ever since having a baby, but i'm not holding giving birth to new human life against her. Leah's still smokin.
  16. So wheres the pic dude? You seemed so eager to post one
  17. GulliverJax

    New Job

  18. Thanks for the advice, I have gotten everything a cat could ever want including a scratching post. He's going to be indoor since I'm a college student. 826912[/snapback] You might want to get him neautered(?) before he starts spraying the place.
  19. Although the conversation in the thread was not about peoples pictures, I posted a pic of myself there from a few years ago, and if you guys want I'll post a recent one on here. 826407[/snapback] Lets see it dude. :mischief
  20. Question. In the blog portion of this website, i see -top 10 rated blogs -top 10 viewed blogs -top 10 commented blogs and -top 10 bloggers If not determined by the amount of views, comments, or rating... how are the top 10 bloggers determined? An average of all of the above?
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