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  1. Miami

    Help me

    Does any body know where to get the born and raised in miami dade teeshirt like in the "born n raised" video?
  2. :cheers Dwade is hopefully the next MJ or he could possibly be better considering how young he is .
  3. No doubt the Miami Heat have the best entrance and half time show,but the pistons have the best anouncer.
  4. Lets say his bat is consistent hitting around 20 home runs and turns into a solid defensive second baseman do you guys think he can be better than Luis Castillo?
  5. The Miami Heat pass to the semi-finals of the nba playoffs yesterday :happydance .They defeated the Nets in a 7 game series. Do u think that the Heat are going to make it to the NBA finals?
  6. we ned to make the home crowd happy and win at home :pray
  7. he has to eventually get out of the slump. this is still the begining of the season.
  8. hopefully petite works out as a closer. :thumbup
  9. reggie has the better battng avg. by one point.
  10. after watching last thursdays game I think we really need a dependable center fielder like j.p. (except for the arm) :thumbup
  11. miguel cabrera and josh willingham the future "bash brothers"!!! :thumbup
  12. Anyone except Herges so I have no problem with Joe's choice. :thumbup
  13. Miami


    I have a psp but i don't know how to download any music into it. please help me
  14. I don't think d-train is going to get that many wins because his confidence level is going way down :thumbdown D-TRAIN =12-13 :confused
  15. Miami


    If it was the beggining of the season I would have picked Juan Encarnacion I mean 2 grand slams but now I am going to pick miguel hopefully he can keep up the good work. :notworthy
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