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D-Train talk on Around The Horn


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D-Train won 22 games last but, but this year he is 1-3 on the season with an ERA over 5, how many wins will he get this season?


Tim Cowlishaw: 7 wins, mabye 8, that's the tops...... he's on the Marlins he can't help it.

Michael Smith: You don't go from 22 wins one year to 7 or 8 wins the next year, in his last 7 starts he has given up only 1 home run and he's not pitching bad at all..... he'll win 15 games.

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I say he wins 15 games, Dtrain will adjust...he has to cause people are starting to figure him out.

People started to figure him out his rookie year. That can't be an excuse no longer. Judging by what Roxy and DVH were saying, he was simply trying to do too much out there.



well, teams are starting to have a strategy against him, like the braves tonight. They knew Dontrelle was just going to throw on the outside corner, so they ripped him up, and I didnt see the d-train changing speeds at all either, Dontrelle needs to bring some of that strategy back to his game.

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^^^ oh yeah...bring back Wiley...I swear that man didnt get enough credit for D-Train 2005...2003 was a fluke because he was new and hitters didnt know what to make of him...by the end of the season he was being lit up...2004 was bland, and he was actually under .500, people figured him out...and in 05, Wiley came in and suddenly he's ALMOST Cy Young...2006 and we've got Rick Kranitz and bam...he's biting the big one...


its obvious folks


bring back Mark Wiley!

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