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  1. I'm not saying these aren't good signings, considering our situation. But it's a little sad watching you guys get excited about a couple of sub-par major leaguers. Have we sunk this low? Yes. Amezaga was the veteran presence in the infield until now. He has more MLB AB then Hanley, Andino, Wilson, and Uggla. Now atleast we have somebody that has played baseball before.
  2. Stop this love affair with Petit. We have a bunch of other guys just like him with as much talent: Johnson, Nolasco, Vargas, Pinto (if his control improves), West, Hernandez, etc.... And then we have guys better than him: Sanchez, Olsen, Willis, Volstad, etc... I'm merely saying what would improve the deal should something like that be true. Wrong. Petit has better stats then all of them. Lower whip, lower era, higher K/9. Petit is the best prospect they have besides Hermida. Johnson is nowhere in the same ballpark, neiter is Nolasco, Pinto, and West (to early). Vargas and Gaby are
  3. Being a "bullpen" pitcher is not a sign you aren't good. I guess to you, since Hutson Street is a BULLPEN pitcher, or Jesse Crain is a BULLPEN pitcher, that doesn't mean they have value. Olsen can be really really good in this role. Maybe you haven't seen him pitch. You'll get your chance if they don't move him. Trading Anibal, Petit, Bowyer, Tyler, or Gaby right after you got them tells me you didn't want them in the first place. This organization knows all about Olsen and JJ, that's why if they want to trade them, you should trust their opinion because they have seen A LOT of those players a
  4. I'm new, just found this board existed, but I'll chime in. I trade JJ or Olsen for Gathright without any hesitation, and demand Green or Colome as throw in's. Both are useful, will help the marlins over the next 3-4 years, and TB wouldn't let them hold up a deal for any sort of SP. You do this because as what someone said before, you want this team to grow. 20+ P with potential in the minors, and nothing, absolutely nothing, in the farm system with position players. This team doesn't grow with Aguila, Reed, and Abercrombie playing in LF/CF. This team has ZERO options, except trade and free
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