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  1. yeah i liked that, it was pretty sick. we need to start gettin that good again and win us a world championship
  2. Before the walk off, I was terrified Fredi was going to throw Miller in there. I would have rather had Miller in there. Our closers combined are worse than Lidge which is absolutely unacceptable.
  3. If we get Rich Harden, we have got ourselves a much better chance at the playoffs because he is a reliable starter.
  4. I want Brad Penny!!!!!!!!! He is an NL pitcher and he can help us. We should also try and trade maybe Logan Morrison for Rich Harden??? Just a thought.
  5. He has to be the king of bubble blowing in baseball. Blowing a bubble going into a headfirst slide trying to leg out a double? That is freakin crazy! Also also routinely blows them right as he gets under a ball to make a catch. Chris is just young. I think he has got a starting roll locked up for the next 2 years. He is better than Cameron. He is just young and will mature, just like Hanley and Dan and Jeremy did.
  6. Livan was just released by the NYM ,What do you guys think about giving him another chance with the fish? i know he has not been good lately but he is got experience and maybe a second tour with the fish will do him good .....our 4th are 5th starters are not much better imo.... No way no way no way man. I am not giving Livan Hernandez "another chance" to come back to the fish. He gives up way way way too many hits. I mean he was the John Smoltz(when he was on the sox) of the NL. That's why the Mets released him. He is an awful pitcher. Not a chance.
  7. Ungs is red hot off the mound in Jacksonville. Can't think of a reason to put West out there again. West never pitched like Ungs is pitching in Double A. Neither did Volstad for that matter. Nick Ungs is not ready for pro ball
  8. dang, it was supposed to be a broom
  9. Not Boni, but Uggla struggles against moyer
  10. I say we get him. Why? Because he is used to pitching in the NL, heck even the NL East. I want him
  11. are you f***ing kidding me? citi field? and they wonder why people think the hrd is boring. can we please give cbp a try? what about yankee stadium in 2014? Not the Yankees, they just hosted it. As much as I would like to have it at Yankee, the MLB won't let them.
  12. He's done. I think we would be better served by having Cody go out there every 5th day. He did pitch one game.
  13. Tonight's order, No Hermida LF Chris Coghlan 1B Nick Johnson SS Hanley Ramirez 3B Jorge Cantu 2B Dan Uggla RF Ross Gload CF Cody Ross C John Baker RHP Ricky Nolasco :gofish Where'd you get that liineup?
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