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A.J. Burnett's new 'do

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(from the Sun-Sentinel)


Injured starter A.J. Burnett arrived at the ballpark Wednesday sporting a chic new hairdo. After spending most of the spring wearing his dirty blond locks in relative disarray, Burnett now has it in tight cornrows like teammate Lenny Harris.


"It looks like he put it in one of those vegetable grinders," McKeon said. ...


good heavens A.J....


he should go for this one instead:


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as soon as i saw the title, i had a hunch that it was cornrows


what else is he gonna do with all that hair?

I thought it was mohawk,luckily it's cornrow's can't wait to see him... OMG! I thought it was a mohawk too ! I think he would look awesome ; I am still curious to see how he looks with the cornrows

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Sixty Seconds


By Joe Capozzi, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Friday, March 26, 2004

Joe Capozzi sat down for a one-minute interview with Marlins pitcher A.J. Burnett, whose hair is breaking new ground:


JC: Did you lose a bet?


AJB: I didn't lose a bet.


JC: What were you thinking?


AJB: I've been wanting to do it for a while. I had to wait until my hair grew long enough.


JC: Cornrows?


AJB: Why does it have to be called cornrows? Tomatoes grow in rows. Potatoes grow in rows.


JC: Where did you get it done?


AJB: Headz Up Barber Shop in Miami. Her name was Debra.


JC: So you walked in, asked for cornrows and they raised eyebrows?


AJB: No, but I raised some eyebrows when I walked in here.


JC: What do your teammates think?


AJB: (Turns to Dontrelle Willis) Dontrelle, what's your reaction?


DW: Wonderful.


JC: What does your wife think?


AJB: She likes it. It's different, she says


JC: You can't wash it for a while, right?


AJB: Like a week. Until it falls out. You can but you've got to cover it up after you wash it so it doesn't fuzz up. I'll keep it like this for a while. I've got to mix it up to get this arm going.


JC: You've had spiked hair, colored hair. Where does this rank?


AJB: It's definitely the most extreme I've ever went.


JC: What was the inspiration?


AJB: Lenny (Harris). I've asked him for about a week now if he thinks I should, if it's long enough. He's like, 'Yeah, give it a try.' So I figured I'd give it a try.


JC: Biggest smart-aleck remark?


AJB: Didn't have any.


JC: It's all about respect.


AJB: Only I could pull it off. That's what they said.


JC: Which of your teammates would you like to see in cornrows?


AB: Ain't nobody in here who has hair long enough. Josh has enough hair but I don't think he'd go for it. Not with his chin hair.


JC: How about Brad Penny?


AJB: No chance.


Short Interview with Burnett about his hairdo. :lol

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