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Best storytellin song of all time...

Alejandro Sosa

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I went with Nas since he's my favorite rapper and he's got a lot of good storytellin songs.

These 2 songs are the elite of storytellin songs. there are college classes spending weeks analyzing these 2 songs. dont vote if ur not educated in the songs. hear the songs first. props to nas but biggie didnt even need a chorus in i got a story to tell.


i think nas is more realistic and opposite situation from biggies song but biggies got the better beat and lyrics.

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Oh no I've heard Undying Love but not the Biggy one guess I should have first but I was gonna go Nas anyway. I'll download I got a story to tell.

I love nas, especially ny state of mind i think was one of his best works. he got some raw lyrics in undying love. but i still biggie just flat out raw flows in i got a story to tell. no chorus, one of the best beats ever made, and some of the best lyrics.

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best storytelling rapper of all time, hands down



plus hes a cool cat :thumbup

slick ricks songs are ight. my fav is bedtime story. also easy e's nobody move is raw as fudge , but the beats on slick ricks songs arent like biggies in i got a story to tell.

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Guest marlins02

i need to dl the 2 songs that were posted


my favorite storytelling songs that i can think of:

i used to love h.e.r , common

brenda's got a baby, tupac

reminding me of self, common

bedtime story, slick rick

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Guest Fritz

I can't think of the song right now, but it's the one where Nas tells the entire story in reverse chronological order. It's on Stillmatic. Then again, Nas just flat out rules.

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