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Guest Juanky

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Guest Juanky

Until the 22nd. Hitting up San Fransisco for a while, maybe to catch a game and boo the roider.


Have absolutely no idea why I am going :thumbup

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Great no spam for a few days is gonna be great for the Board's health! :thumbup

Hey a**hole, I'll deal with you when I'm back Hey Juanky, since you dont like me you will be glad to hear this:


When you get back from your trip to San Fran. you wont have to deal with me on the boards!


You happy?

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I never said I don't like you Marlins, I can't stand you when I'm angry. Which isn't often.


I'm signing off for good.



well i hate it when you take it out on me


anyways during baseball season im either happy or sad


if the marlins win im happy


and if the marlins lose im sad


its simple.

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Spend a day and take a ride...


Coast highway down to Santa Cruz, hang a left onto 17 to Scotts Valley, over the mountain to Los Gatos. Now you're at the bottom of Silicon Valley. Lots of ways back to SF from there. Could cruise up the right side of the bay and take one of the bay bridges across - that's kinda cool.


The ride over the Sierras to Carson City is cool (probably still snow at high elevations this time of year. You also aren't horrendously far from Yosemite and Kings Canyon parks. Go a bit farther and do Kings Canyon - way fewer crowds similar experience.

Los Gatos is nice. Almost had to move there last year. Thankfully that didn't happen.


When I was in San Fran last year I went down to Monterrey and that was a nice little town. The aquarium is one of the best if not the best in the country. Went all the way down to Big Sur actually.

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