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Most Underrated Marlin


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It's only fitting that we now talk about the Most underrated Marlins. Is there a Marlin player who didn't get enough recognition for his efforts? I have a few in mind.


Dave Berg- Guy could play every position outside of Catcher and Pitcher. in 1998 and 1999 played some really solid baseball.


Pat Rapp- Might get some heat for this one but he did pitch quality baseball his first 3 years with the Marlins. However he really struggled his last years with the club. One of the top Marlins win leaders.


Bruce Aven- In 1999 posted up some solid numbers. One of the few highlights during that season.


Joe Strong- Was a Rookie at the age of 38. Great feel good story in some dark times. Maybe shouldnt be considered as a underrated player but did have his time in the sun.


Chuck Smith- Pitched great in 2000 with a 3.23 ERA



Honorable Mention-Alex Arias, Danny Bautista, Chris Clapinski, Andy Fox, and my brain is fried so can you guys just add some more names on.




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Retired Marlin: Jim Eisenreich. When people think of 1997 world champion bench they remember Cangelosi, Castillo and Daulton but this clutch hitter is never given his due.


Former Marlin: Ryan Dempster. A solid backline innings eater for some of our teams that were desperate for pitching, starting and relief.


Current Marlin: Mike Redmond. Best backup catcher out in the game... this year and in my recent memory. When given the chance has always stepped up.

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