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Jack is stubborn... Choi still hitting 6th

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Some other things I noticed:


Castillo: Two days ago he falls asleep in the field. Yesterday in the first innig with a runner on 2B and 0 outs he hits the ball to SS failing to move Pierre over to 3rd base. Today, out of the lineup.


Jack could have gone Conine and Nunez...Nunez is now really on the outs.

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I can understand not hitting Choi 3rd with the lefty Halama pitching. Both Pierre and Choi not hitting lefties as well at the top of the line up wouldn't be good.


Having him in the line up is good enough. Would like to see Choi move to the 3rd spot when facing righties.

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good luck AJ, throw another shutout



Jack isn't being stubborn by putting Choi 6th considering that the D-Rays pitcher is a lefty, be thankful that Jack even put Choi in the lineup against a lefty. I highly doubt we will EVER see Choi hitting 6th in the order against any sort of righty again unless he goes into a slump.

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Guest Juanky

anyone else wanna question moves?


Oh, because today's offense put on a show?


They got lucky on 3 pitches, and AJ was amazing. End of story.

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