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Yankees again


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i don't blame the yankees for trying to getting everyone, they have one of the biggest market in America and an owner with money and a fire to win championships. If George is willing to use his money and pay the luxury tax to get himself a championship it's not his fault other owners don't do it.




why would the yankees need klesko? They already have Giambi.

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George spends his money to try to win, and I can in no way fault him for that. Remember, part of his money will be supplimenting the Marlins.


As far as Gates owning a team:

1. don't think he is much of a baseball fan, or he would have bought the Mariners when he had the chance.

2. Can't see him buying a team such as the Marlins

3. If he did buy them, the first thing he would do is move them to Portland (have to stay close to home.)



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yanks only can win a world series through buying players, they cant win by growing one, around from buying FA






Posada, Jorge


Williams, Bernie


Rivera, Mariano


Jeter, Derek



Not to mention the numerous players they have acquired via trade giving up top prospects in baseball for.

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tell me who else can pay over 15 mill a year to jeter, 13 mill to mondesi, 12 mill to williams, 12 mill to mussina, 11.5 to pettitte, 11.4 to giambi, 10.5 to rivera, 8 mill to posada....... and thats only 8 players, they buy there world series


besides the dodger and the red sox, no one else can afford to pay salaries like that


please dont try anymore attempts to go against my statements with poor backrounds such as this, naming 4 players, 4 players dont take you to the world series

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Well, Danny, let?s look at the facts rather than make assumptions based on whatever misconceptions you may have about the team:


Fact ? [1]Mariano Rivera, [2]Jorge Posada, [3]Nick Johnson, [4]Alfonso Soriano, [6]Derek Jeter, [8]Bernie Williams, [1]Andy Pettitte, [1]Sterling Hitchcock, [5]Drew Henson, and [9]Juan Rivera are all Yankee farm prospects [obviously, I?m not counting [7]Hideki Matsui as a ?farm prospect?].


Hmm - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9... That looks like a lineup to me. That looks like it MIGHT be every position on the field. Do me a favor please. Name another team in baseball that can field an entire team of their own top quality prospects. It may be a more daunting task than you think?


Fact - Arbitration is guided by success, the Yankees have been successfull, the Yankees players have been rewarded for their success by arbitrators, as a result - the Yankees have to pay to keep their own.


Welcome to the world of capitalism. If you own a business and have talented employees who enjoy tremendous amounts of success, you better reward them because they have EARNED it and your business will not succeed without them. This is ESPECIALLY true if you KNOW that your employees would be wooed by your biggest competitors.


Fact ? The Yankees have traded away more All-Star quality players than any other team in baseball in order to address pressing immediate needs. Ask any Twins fan how the Knoblauch-Guzman trade panned out. Ask any Marlins fan how the Ed Yarnall-Mike Lowell trade panned out.


Are you catching all of this? But wait ? there?s more?


Fact ? Mike Mussina was CHASED out of Baltimore. The Yankees would have been okay with Duque, but an inescapable opportunity presented itself and Mussina wanted a little revenge on his former team.


Fact ? Jason Giambi WOULD have been an A except that they decided that they didn?t want to give their FRANCHISE player a no-trade clause. [and the Yankees would have been ?okay? if they were ?stuck? with Nick Johnson and Tino Martinez at 1st]. So don?t cry the financial game with me.


Fact ? The retirement of Paul Oneill necessitated the acquisition of a rf with a good arm [being that Bernie throws like a girl]. Mondesi was the guy they ended up with [incidentally ? a HUGE downgrade from Paulie ? but I digress].


Fact ? The retirement of Scott Brosious necessitated the acquisition of a 3b. Robin Ventura is 147 years old, already has a house in NY, and no other team in baseball wanted him.


If you are going to continue to cry the ?big market ? small market,? ?big money ? little money? song, check out a previous post on the topic here entitled ?The Price of Contention:?



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you obviously have trouble figuring out the most basic principle of business.



in order to make money you have to spend money.



the yankee team is littered with their own farm products.



just becasue george pays to keep the players his organization developed should not be held against him....hell that is what i want the marlins to do.


granted it has become riduclious the last few years....but still....the yankees were dominant before george went on this 'spending spree'

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